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batman - fire rescue

Here we have card #15 from the second series. It's a thrilling scene in which the dynamic duo attempt to rescue a cute blonde (in high heels, 'natch!) from a burning building. Contrary from yesterday's card, which takes place after the action, this card is at the dramatic peak of the event. Batman is precariously balanced on a thin line at least a half dozen stories above the ground with the girl in his arms. One more step and the girl is passed to Robin yet the line behind Batman is on fire and seems ready to go.

This was one of the first Batman cards I got back in 1966 and it certainly whet my appetite for more. This card is a standout for more than just the staging. I really like the brightness of the mid day sun and the glow of the fire on the two figures. I also like the powerful use of the perspective and the rendering of the action on the city street.  One can often tell a Norm Saunders painting from those of other artists is that he often paints flesh with a highlight that resembles a slick sheen of sweat. Here it is most notable on Robin's arms and cheek. I'll also mention that Saunders' originals were only  a half size bigger than the printed piece. His originals weren't larger than 4" x 5" and were cranked out one painting per day.

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