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Here's the third, and final, drawing from the Janes Island State Park trip. Three is pretty good considering we were only really there one full day! My sister even got an illustrated postcard drawn the same day. Our trip was cut short by a projected three days of rain courtesy of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Kyle which reached the southern end of Maryland early in the morning last Thursday.

This drawing was drawn right after the tree nocturne presented last time. It was midnight. I had gone down to the fishing dock near our cabin to look out on the island at night. It was an incredibly dark, cloudy, starless, moonless night. It was hard to see anything even when your eyes adjusted to the dark. There was a bit of light on the water that came from a light about 200 yards away on my right. The wind was blowing at me from across the canal and I liked the way it made the water ripple.

I wanted to try and draw it. I went and got my sketchbook and flashlight. Since all of this was silhouette I didn't have to draw much, just get the shape. I couldn't see what I was drawing in the dark so I got an impression in my eye then turned on the flashlight and drew it in the book in pencil.  Then had to wait for my eyes to adjust to the dark to get more down. I then went back in the cabin and rendered the pencils with the brush pen.

The first version of the drawing didn't turn out so well so I went back out and did it again. This is the second drawing. It isn't quite the way I wanted but it was as close as I was going to get that night.

It only took a half hour or so. Through the magic of Photoshop I put some flat color behind the drawing to capture the mood of the scene as I remember it. The original is 11" x 14." You can see the drawing bigger here.

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