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After a evening visit on the winter solstice, Phillip abruptly explains that he has to leave. Herb and his wife, Goldie, have differing opinions on where he went and what he absolutely needed to do. Just what is Phillip up to? Is it sacred or profane? This 21 page holiday extravaganza, "Phillip's Winter Solstice Miracle," begins right here.

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bcgf 2011

PHINKWELL's Tommy Rudmose, Cyn Why? and I drove up to the BROOKLYN COMICS AND GRAPHICS FESTIVAL 2011 on Saturday. It was a great show and we had a terrific time. I wrote a long report of what we saw and did there. Click here to read it at the PHINKWELL site.

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PHINKWELL postcard

Tommy Rudmose, Cyn Why? and I will travel up to the BROOKLYN COMCS AND GRAPHICS FESTIVAL 2011 on Saturday, December 3, to give out some of our new PHINKWELL promotional postcards. See you there!

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Phillip inexplicably explains to his friend, Herb, that all of his friend's wives can't stand him. Present company included. Is a happy ending remotely possible? Start finding out right here.

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PHINKWELL, a Webcomics Collective, debuts today. It was created by Tommy Rudmose and myself. I designed the site and will be the defacto editor and Tommy built it and will serve as webmaster. The site features four new series by Tommy and I plus two other cartoonists, Cyn Why? and Steven Teare.

My strip, MY OWN PETARD, follows the adventures of the miserable cyclopean hairbag, Phillip. It's a four panel strip and will be published twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. Check it out!




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