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First Series - Card #25


First Series - Card #27


First Series - Card #35

Here we have an edit out of the Catwoman sequence of the first series. These are all prime Norm Saunders. Unfortunately it isn't the Julie Newmar Catwoman in her skintight spangly black catsuit. We have a Catwoman that is wearing a costume that is closer to her comic book appearance, abet in black. The Catwoman portrayed here seems like some kind of fetishist. (Hah, like Batman isn't!) That outfit of hers, wouldn't be made out of black leather, would it?

Now take that first card. The dynamic duo have a nice little glamor shot of the feline fugitive in their Bat computer. Their body language is interesting. The boy wonder has an eager grin on his glowing face. His right arm juts out at a 90 degree angle from his body. Oh, he's ready for some action. "Crime stopping" action that is. Now check out Bats. He's shown in profile, generally a positioning signifying something to hide. In this case his left side; his sinister side. He has the tiniest hint of a smile on his face. His arms are crossed over his chest. Hmmm. Protection, eh Batman? Protecting your "heart" or are you holding something in? Now look at that yellow dial thing with the arrow. Looks like Catwoman scores at least a 95 on the WOW meter.

Two cards later we come to the Catwoman head shot. No wonder Enid picked out one of these cat masks in GHOST WORLD the comic and the movie. It's been a favorite in the fetish world for years. (Not that I would know firsthand, mind you.) I don't know if thats a "sinister smile." It looks like more of a "come hither." Her chin is tipped down and her gaze is upward. Now, if only she could "bat" those lashes.

The last card in the series is the inevitable obligatory capture. Batman reserves the pleasure of slapping the cuffs on his prey himself. Catwoman is aghast. Naturally, she's usually the one to do the slapping and cuffing. Look at Batman's expression. He is having a good time. A damn good time. Too much of a good time. His expression is almost demonic. He isn't even facing her. It's like he swooped in behind her. I don't think he ever had this much fun snagging the Penguin.

There you have our penultimate Bat-post. Come back tomorrow for a mini sequence with the Joker.

Note: While Series Two and Three have either Batman, Robin or both in each card, Series One often features cards without them and just feature the villains. You will also notice these First Series cards are painted with more skill and attention to detail than Series Two and especially Three.

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latexfetish said...
This is the first time I visit here , I would like to have a similar feeling, thank you for your share.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 02:26:54 AM
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