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Second Series - Card #3


Third Series - Card #39

How about Batman going up against some kind of menace. Here we have two cards similar in theme but different in execution. What is perhaps the most prominent similarity is that toxic glowing green color. It seems to indicate the unnatural. Mysticism in the mummy card and radioactivity from the android (yes...that's what it is) card.

The mummy card seems to be taking place in the moments just before the action. The staging is classic and posed. Batman is in close-up while Robin is in action. The mummy has just awoke. There are lots of horizontals and verticals. Robin is at a 45 degree angle. The card is second series so Norm Saunders was still producing art with some degree of polish. Notice the detail on the sarcophagus and the hieroglyphics on the wall. Check out the mummy's beard!

The android card appears to be the climax of the story as the android is almost upon an apparently exhausted caped crusader (Hmmm. No cape again! Norm hates to paint 'em I guess). The whole composition is at a 45 degree angle. This is a third series card and you can see the lack of polish on the figures and the anemic background. Saunders doesn't even bother to paint any reflected green highlight on Batman's costume as he does on the mummy card.

While the mummy card is a solid piece of work with a lot of eerie mood, the android card is genuinely terrifying. Look at the horrifying expression on the face of that thing. Even the tear in its side is strangely off-putting. It may have been hastily painted but it sure packs a punch. I found this image particularly scary as a kid and I confess it still is. It's mostly the anguish, agony and horror in the android's face that is affecting.

Note: the red bat logo and border in the second series are blue in the third. I must say, I prefer the contrast of the second series red. The blue seems to dampen the overall effect of the art by blending in too much.

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