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batman - flood rescue

This is card #23 from the second series. A thrilling scene of Batman rescuing a child from a raging flood. A great card until you ask yourself: what is Batman doing in a flood? The answer is: who cares? The Topps gang created 143 painted cards over a very short period of time and they had to fill them with something. A lot of them were pretty dull. This one is exciting!

This one has very strong staging at a key moment. There are a lot of triangles in this composition. Will he scoop that girl up? Look at that look of determination in Batman's lower jaw. That house is floating away for cryin' out loud. Hey, check out that dog too. Also note the absence of Batman's cape. It was also missing in yesterday's card. Did you miss it until I brought it up? A wet cape or a cape on fire would simply get in the way of the rescue and the overall design. I also like the overall blue and red color scheme with yellow accents.

This could have been a mediocre card but instead it's a triumph of style over content.

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