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Episode #33 - "The Forbidden World"
Written by Tetsuo Kinjo
Directed by Toshitsugu Suzuki
Original Broadcast Date: February 26, 1967

MEPHILAS is a levelheaded pragmatist when it comes to taking over the Earth as opposed to the bumbling Zarab. He does what any levelheaded conqueror of worlds should do: kidnap a child and try to strike up a bargain with him for the planet. Unfortunately he kidnapped the wrong kid; the youngest brother of Science Patrol member, Fuji. The kid can't be bought, or as he himself says, "after all, it isn't my Earth." MEPHILAS's own name is similar to Mephisto which would go with his Faustian bargain. He could be viewed as a demon or a devil.

MEPHILAS finally proceeds to do what we've all been waiting for. I.E. pick a fight with Ultraman. After a few energy bolts are hurled and a few throw-downs, MEPHILAS throws in the towel. As he says, he and Ultraman are evenly matched and would only battle until both are dead. What would be the point of that? As he teleports away, he laughs and proclaims they will meet to fight another day. Ultraman pauses to reflect and then takes off himself.

MEPHILAS is the first of the two Ultraman kaiju to have strobing lights in the face to signify speech. He is completely black except for the silver trim and colored eye and mouth lights on his face. His features are cat-like and has a collar-like shape at his neck. It's an impressive design to say the least. It's very effective. I always kind of liked the fact that he could fight Ultraman but the final result just wouldn't be worth it. Another favorite of mine.

Generally, I draw from the figure once a week. There weren't any classes between mid December and the beginning of February but I wanted to keep my hand in it. I thought it would be fun to draw some monsters from Eiji Tsuburaya's late 1960s TV show, ULTRAMAN. This is the fourth one.

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