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The Three Faces of DADA

Episode #28 - "Human Specimens 5 & 6"
Written by Masahiko Yamada
Directed by Samaji Yanagase.
Original Broadcast Date: January, 22, 1967

Generally, I draw from the figure once a week. There weren't any classes between mid December and the beginning of February but I wanted to keep my hand in it. I thought it would be fun to draw some monsters from Eiji Tsuburaya's late 1960s TV show, ULTRAMAN. This is the first one.

DADA was a strange creature. It was unclear if he was from outer space or another dimension. He had a short stocky body with graphic black and white stripes (picture SEINFELD's George Costanza in a body stocking). He had a big head with a black helmit and big fish-lips that didn't move when he spoke. For some inexplicable reason he had three different faces. This Kaiju was unsettlingly weird and the overall effect of the design is greater than the actual execution of the costume. Needless to say, Ultraman sent him packing with little muss or fuss.

These monsters were fun to draw. There are more to come.

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