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Roy Crane's (1901-1977) Captain Easy was a globe trotting Soldier of Fortune (i.e. an Adventurer) who got in and out of adventures with his pint-sized pal, Washington Tubbs (call him "Wash" for short) and a dame du jour for eye-candy and plot stirring. While the dailies featured the pair, the Sunday's were Easy's solo adventures presumably before he met Wash. 

Today's strip is a fairly atypical CAPTAIN EASY Sunday from December 2nd, 1934. Click here to see the complete strip. Instead of action we have a fanciful escapade similar (if not an outright homage) to LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND by Winsor McCay. Here, an Englishman has a wild adventure with crazy fish and mermaids as he searches for treasure. Although the mermaids are topless, their nipples are inexplicably missing. Generally, male characters, when shirtless, don't have nipples either. After all, it's the exposed nipple that gets people bent out of shape. It's interesting that there seems to be more freedom regarding such things the further we go back in time.

One cannot overstate the importance of Roy Crane's strip in the history of adventure comics. His is practally the modern prototype of much of what followed. The young Joe Schuster practically traced Captain Easy as the model of his Superman a few years after this. Crane told rollicking tales. Although the art was on the cartoon side the danger was all too real. It's not dissimilar to the approach by Herge and his TINTIN a few years later. Crane has a clean line and his strips, especially Sunday's are beautifully designed.

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