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In today's strip, our hero, the Cap'n, is surrounded by topless native girls wanting to wait on him hand and foot and he's vaguely annoyed. I can't imagine why? They're pretty dern cute. Click  here to see the complete strip. Y'know in the big ol' history of newspaper strips in this country, this may be the only example of bared female breasts appearing in the daily or Sunday funnies. Not so in England and Europe of course. It's practically a prerequisite there. Thank god the girls in this strip are "dusky" island natives. Why it's just like the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.*

When I first saw this strip in Bill Blackbeard's excellent SMITHSONIAN COLLECTION OF NEWSPAPER COMICS, I couldn't believe it. Here are cute topless native girls in all their glory in the Sunday funnies. This was January 20, 1935. Two years earlier, The Hays Commission had imposed a morality code on the motion picture industry, which, among other things, lowered the skirt and libido of Miss BETTY BOOP, in 1932. Yet, two years later, these and a few more times in subsequent EASY Sundays, are perhaps the only known exposed nipples in the history of American mainstream newspaper comics.

Lets take a closer look at one, shall we.


A dot and quarter circle line. What could be more simple? Drink deep!

So, through this archeological dig through old newsprint, we find that the origin of the "topless back" is the "topless front."

NEXT: AFTERWARD: Turnabout is fair play!

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sammy said...
well, do u know I was scanning your images before reading your copy and for the life of me I couldn't place that one eye happy face! it will always bring new meaning whenever I see that familiar smile! thank god for photoshop? ps-I received a message from one of your fans spud, a slavko v. didn't know where it came from...regrets slavko
Thursday, October 16, 2008 09:31:14 PM
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