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I will now discuss a PENNY strip by Harry Haenigsen from 1959. Click here to view the entire strip. Penny is a teenager and she is usually involve in the frivolity associated with light-hearted kinds of teen stories, as opposed to the horror it actually is. PENNY is a strip that is all but forgotten today. It is a beautifully drawn strip despite it being lighter than air. In many ways it resembles Chester Gould's DICK TRACY in its level of cartoon abstraction abet more refined. The strip had a healthy run from 1943 through 1970 when Haenigsen retired it after he was seriously injured in a car accident. It is interesting to note that Haengsen often went to teen hang-outs to eavesdrop on conversations to get ideas for his strip. There was one collection of the PENNY strip, published by Simon & Schuster in 1953. It's features a sampeling of dalies and Sunday's from the strip's early years.

In many ways, PENNY was a glamor strip. It was beautiful to look at but evaporated as you read it. Haengsen often drew Penny in stylish fashions in interesting poses. She was in constant motion. Haengsen and Penny were not shy. He would draw her in bathing suits, one and two piece, in the summer and even in her bra and panties on the rare occasion.

In this episode, Penny gets an new pair of jeans and intends to get them to fit her form by wearing them in the tub and then letting them dry on her. Of course her mother thinks she's nuts. Lucky for us, Penny is topless for almost half the strip. The fact that she's a minor doesn't enter into it. We can pretend she's 18. Granted the panels with her bare back aren't particularly suggestive, the two following panels where she is holding a sponge and toweling herself off, she's pretty damn adorable.

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