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Finally, some new content!

This was nothing but a HENRY Tribute blog for over a month.

Click here to read this new MOLLY & GUS comic.

I wanted to do a strip for the Philadelphia CITY PAPER "Comics Issue" but I was dry for ideas. I had drawn doodle sketches of a white dog with an eyepatch and a large breasted gap tooth girl in my sketchbook about the same time I read a rant by my PHILLY COMIX JAM pal, Ian Harker, concerning "9-11" over at the COMICS JOURNAL MESSAGEBOARD.


This are character sketches ripped out pretty quickly. Just doodles.

I wanted to do something I had never done before to stretch myself. Talking animals can get away with more crap than humans and the girl would attract attention. I still had "spectacular boobage" on the brain from the previous Monday night's discussion of "spectacular boobage" at the PHILLY COMIX JAM meeting. I had never worked with either type of character before nor anything as overtly political. So I rewrote Ian's rant, mixed everything together and added a punch line directly lifted from a Steve Ditko MR. A comic. The names "Molly" and "Gus" came out of thin air and seemed to suit them. The former has soft consonants and the latter hard. The sketch book drawings and final art were drawn with the same tools: fountain pens and a brush pen. With one idea down I got five more ideas for strips. My brain juices were flowing again.


Here are the pencils for the first panel with the original Harker rant.

Look for another one tomorrow on NEW COMIC WEDNESDAY!

2 Comment(s):
Art said...
No backstory, Tom. They iz what they iz.
Thursday, August 28, 2008 01:09:27 PM
slavko varkavitch said...
art-- luv the new character sketches, lotta potential here! Whats the backstory, who are they? Big breasted gap tooth girls = always good! Tom
Sunday, August 24, 2008 03:02:58 AM
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