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What you see before you is not some fairyland or storybook paradise but the view from my roof of nearby backyards. We are looking approximately North by Northeast. If you scroll back to the drawing of Thursday, June 5, you may picture me on the upper left side of the drawing with my back against the dormer, scribbling away. I dare say that nobody walked by and asked me what I was drawing or why I was drawing it. No one yelled out the window "what the hell are you doing on the roof?!?" either. This drawing was done with the usual suspects.

Ahhh. It's good to be back!

Click here to see this drawing bigger.

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tommy b said...
Hey Art: The dark shapes of the trees framing the rest of the composition...just terrific! Perfect balance of lights and darks. Tasty shading. Keep doing more of these! Tom
Saturday, August 9, 2008 11:03:59 PM
sammy said...
new concept, new vision for you art.. it is glued into my mind bud, jail cell, fresh in my memory, all the detail, the bars, the lights, the sink, the toilet, the wooden bench with rivits, the camera so I don't hang myself... sorry spud, I need your pv email, great story, you don't want to miss this scoop, sammy in jail, waiting for transfer to county..' back home now love & kisses to you & your wife, & my kids sorry spud, you can delete this if you want, after a quart of vodka & a few hours in a holding cell talk soon dupont st never looked so good before
Saturday, July 12, 2008 02:45:56 AM
sammy said...
yet another wonderful drawing of fab manyunk! I'm telling you, I see a whole series here my lad. You hit it on the nose, fairytale, storybook, fable, I hope your creative juices are stirring around inside that blender of yours spud. I always thought the views into those wonderful cemetaries on Dupont were great, with that great library across the way. Now, think of night scenes, maybe the steps down the hill, the train tracks, even the bridges by main street. Anyway,wonderful art work, nice eye for details...glorious!!!
Thursday, July 10, 2008 08:08:46 AM
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