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Fleming Street & Lyceum Avenue

This is the view from the corner of Fleming & Lyceum. This section of Lyceum Avenue is part of the so-called "Manayunk Wall," a very steep section of road that is part of a bike race route. This style of home is very comon in Roxborough and it's the type of house I live in. This drawing was done with a fountain pen, brush pen and a color pencil. It took way too looooong to draw. There is just a crazy amount of detail.

Click here to see this drawing bigger.

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sam said...
oh, just like the old days of zippertone, all of those rocks in that wall, glad to see your just as anal as usual, I thought you might have lost it... take a bow, art, great works of art-If you were another person, I would see you hocking your wares/art on a street corner, maybe even have a opening/show at the professor's, how does that sound?? I know, it all lands on a deaf ear, arr. all is lost, my vast knowledge of self whore-ism, gained from years of misery in advertising.. sorry to throw mud on your site spud, splendid work, quite neat & tidy..and not one chicken head in to your other half sam
Wednesday, June 4, 2008 10:40:30 PM
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