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nice kitty

The 98th MY OWN PETARD strip prominently features my tuxedo cat, Alger, in a pivotal role in the “Nixon Museum” story. Alger is an excellent hunter, deadly and stealth, catching all manor of birds and mice. He has even caught several squirrels (which is like a million points for a cat). He partially ate one, the others got away. Despite this, he is a very nice kitty.

The strip obliquely references a statement made by political writer, Nicholas von Hoffman, on CBS’s 60 MINUTES during the “Point/Counterpoint” segment shortly before Nixon’s resignation in 1974. Von Hoffman compared the Watergate beleaguered Nixon to a “a dead mouse on America’s kitchen floor” and rhetorically wondered who would be the one who would finally get rid of it. Von Hoffman was subsequently fired. I watched the show that night and remember volunteering to do the dirty job.




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