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Nude #2-06.27.12

Nude #2 - June 27, 2012

Every summer for the past several years, I draw from the figure, one night a week, at the Dupree Studios. I started again this year, a couple of weeks ago.

The first batch weren't so great. I haven't done it in almost a year. This week turned out much better. You can see the last two drawings here: #1 & # 2. Each took 20 minutes and were drawn at the end of the session. Aside from the model's legs being a little too short in drawing #1, I thought these turned out not too badly. More in a few weeks perhaps.

 Nude #1

Nude #1 - June 27, 2012

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Woman & Cat #1

Woman and Cat #1

So here's my second silkscreen image. This one is two color. I had some mishaps over the course of the class, including putting an x-acto blade through a screen (don't ask), so some class time was wasted, unfortunately. The class was wrapping up for the semester so I had to get this image done in the last class.

I have a pretty good idea what silkscreen prints look like and how they work, now. I plan to continue to do some more this August or the fall.

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Moon Man #1

Moon Man #1

Hey, I recently took a silkscreen class at the Fleisher Art Memorial. I wanted to learn silkscreen for a while now (10 years or so). I was curious about it. I'm a graphics guy. Well, I finally got around to it.

After finishing one early practice silkscreen project, I did this one of my Moon Man guy. It's a four color job. I wanted to do a character image that used color shapes, as opposed to holding lines, to suggest form, similar to my SECRET PRISON bunny cover.




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