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LoS V-neck

In MY OWN PETARD strip #74, I can be seen wearing a v-neck shirt that was “inspired” by (i.e. ripped off) the shirts worn by male cast members of the juvenile space adventure show, LOST IN SPACE. The above example is worn by actor Mark Goddard who played Major Don West, the pilot of the Jupiter 2 space ship. The v-neck shirt and all the other costumes on the show were designed by Paul Zastupnevich. The shirts are all one piece. The v-neck is filled with a turtleneck or hi collar “dickey.”

I think the design was quite inspired for the mid 1960s. They were sleek, simple, colorful and conveyed futurewear circa 1997, really elegantly. I still think the overall design looks pretty good.

I think the knock-offs started appearing on store shelves around 1967 or so. By 1969 they were done. I half expect to see Don Draper’s middle son wearing one on MAD MEN when they get to 1968.

Finally, here I am, circa January 1968, wearing my striped burgundy and royal blue one that I got for Christmas! ( I also had an orange and green one that was pretty fugly.)

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